About Us

Combining industry expertise with innovative technology, Vortex Chasers deliver professional meteorological information and services to media markets, government agencies, emergency services and the general public. Equipped with the latest technology we are ready to assist by storm chasing, model analysis, severe weather forecasting and more…

Founded on the principles of severe weather safety, we are a team of three with more than twenty years of combined storm chasing experience. A few of our backgrounds include the study of meteorology, technology and emergency operations. Throughout each year we drive thousands of miles across Texas and Oklahoma chasing severe weather.

While deployed we provide constant communications back to the National Weather Service and local media, giving real-time positive ground truth about current weather conditions. Our primary goal is to provide information accurately and quickly in order to help protect lives and property. When conditions permit we try to capture that true power of Mother Nature. Over the years we have been fortunate to capture some amazing pictures and videos.

Storm chasing requires a considerable amount of equipment… Just some of our equipment includes a chase vehicle, weather station, laptops, smart phones, tablets and mobile broadband internet. To insure constant connectivity while on the go we utilize multiple cell carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. We are also equipped with multiple cameras that allow us to stream live video to our website, allowing the NWS, local media & the general public to see exactly what’s happening at our current location.

The future of Vortex Chasers continues to look brighter and brighter each year. We have exciting plans and are constantly trying to find better ways to inform the public about severe weather and severe weather safety.

The Vortex Chasers' Team Picture
(Russell Mezynski, Melissa & Adam Cuker)